June 2023

New Logo…with website and FB group page to come

As you might remember, KDAC was successful in receiving a grant of $4945.00 from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal late last year. This grant covered the cost of having a KDAC website developed, a new, more contemporary logo, a Facebook Group page, and the purchase of a laptop and laser printer. This is the first time we have used the new logo, which we hope you like, and we should have our website up and accessible in the next few weeks. We were fortunate to have KDAC member, Kate McGain from Hey Friend, design our website and also the logo. Our Facebook group page should also be operating in the very near future. The website and Facebook group should substantially increase our presence in the Kyogle area as well as improving communication with members. The laptop will greatly assist with administering the organisation and allow us to store our documents in the one (electronic) place while the laser printer will mean we can start to produce documents such as the newsletter as well as promotional flyers and posters ‘in-house’.

From the President, Cris Matthews

As was noted above, the Executive Committee has been reviewing our new website that we hope to have up and running soon!

We visited Woodenbong for our 1st roving bi-monthly General Meeting/Members’ Forum earlier this month, which was a great success. We will be visiting Bonalbo in October, and we hope it will be as well received.

Our next Kyogle General Meeting/Members’ Forum will be on Saturday 5 August at the Roxy Gallery. We will be providing morning tea.

Finally, we sponsored one of the Photography Prizes in the recent Upper Richmond River Festival.

Our Member’s Forum at Woodenbong: a great success!

One of the changes for this year is that we will be holding what we are calling General Meetings/Members’ Forums at different locations around the Kyogle LGA, every two months. These provide an opportunity for all members to participate and share their ideas for what KDAC might focus on over the coming year. The first of these was held on Sunday May 4 at the Pitstop Café, at Woodenbong.

Cris, Carol and Lynda from the KDAC committee spent an enjoyable couple of hours with six people from the Woodenbong/Urbenville areas. As you may know already, the Woodenbong Artist Group is an active organisation in that part of the Kyogle LGA and they will be having an exhibition at the Roxy Gallery later this year.

To kick the meeting off, Cris gave a brief overview of the history of KDAC and what we aim to achieve and then the rest of the time was sharing ideas about arts-related projects and initiatives that could engage residents of this part of the Kyogle LGA. These included the possibility of workshops in pottery, street theatre, crafts, pastels and oils. 

We thank our friends up at Woodenbong for spending then morning with us and sharing their ideas, some of which we hope we can progress over the coming year.

Please Note: Our Next Members’ Forum will be held at Roxy Gallery, Kyogle, Saturday 5 August at 11.00am. A light morning tea will be provided. We hope to see you there!

Wardrobe Surgery Weekend Workshop with Lynda Clarke

This is an exciting short course on how to change clothing quickly, easily, and creatively by using what is already available to reduce purchasing, save lots of dollars and lighten your footprint on the planet by reducing landfill. The opposite of Fast fashion, Wardrobe Surgery concentrates on choosing natural fibres as well as extending the life of synthetics. The workshops include lots of demonstrations and examples of creative possibilities.

Although there’s very little sewing in the workshops, a sewing machine and overlocker will be available during the workshop, and at least a basic knowledge of how to use a sewing machine is necessary.

Classes are limited to eight people and a list of requirements will be provided upon registration. 

KDAC will be running several of these fabulous workshops over the course of the next few months and further details about venues, dates and costs will be given in the next newsletter as well as on our soon-to-be launched Facebook Group page and website.

What’s on at the Roxy


Through the process of mark making, Stony Chute artist, Jason Farrow, attempts to negotiate the way in which form is informed by material, and vice versa. His work is tactile, incorporating various elements, such as plastic, stone and bronze.  These sculptures and paintings are constructed around themes relating to daily observations, memories, and unusual encounters that have left a mark.

Ruminations will be on exhibit 22 June – 23 July 2023 

Jason will be conducting an artist’s talk at the Gallery on Saturday 1 July from 11 am.  As a free event the is a wonderful opportunity to hear from the artists about the processes behind the creation of this exhibition and their involvement in the arts.

If you have any news relating to the arts and cultural scene of  the Kyogle district that you would like to share with the world, or at least the 100 or so members of KDAC, please contact secretary@kyoglearts.com.au

Our next KDAC News will be out at the end of August.