Reclaim the Void

Roxy Gallery verandah

Wednesday December 13th • 10am-3pm or so

You are invited to be part of a community learning activity to reclaim the void. A group of Kyogle and Northern Rivers people will meet up on the Verandah of the Roxy Gallery to make rugs from recycled fabric. The rugs will be sent to WA to be part of this huge exhibition and put Kyogle’s name on the map as a contributor to reconciliation and sharing knowledge.

The Western Australian Museum is sponsoring this important project using textiles to promote understanding of Aboriginal culture and languages.

Made collaboratively by people from across the globe, the rugs will be stitched together to form a pattern telling a Ngalia story of country. All Australians are being invited to make a rug to contribute to a huge work which will cover a part of country in the WA desert damaged by mining.

Please bring a plate to share, a hoola hoop (or embroidery hoop) and cotton sheets of one colour. The cotton breaks down and each colour will represent a dot in the overall design.


143 – 147 Summerland Way
Kyogle NSW

Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 3pm

Sunday 10am – 2pm.