Jason Farrow

22 June 2023 – 23 July 2023

Opening event: Friday June 23rd from 6pm

More than a year ago, Jason Farrow wandered onto a dairy farm in Bentley looking for a job.

The farm was basically submerged in flood water and Jason found himself living in a caravan on site, milking cows.

As Jason worked, he pondered his new situation, letting his thoughts wonder to reflect on the once thriving dairy industry, the dwindling number of operating dairies and how little control one really has over anything.

This is the point where Jason the craftsman, whose practice incorporates elements of sculpture, painting and installation, began his journey to create an exhibition encapsulating where he was at ahis time.

Jason has connected his thoughts and work life to a noun that would become the title of this exhibition.

Ruminations: deep or considered thought about something, the action of chewing the cud.

Through the process of mark making, Jason attempts to negotiate the way in which form is informed by material, and vice versa.

His work is tactile, incorporating elements such as plastic, stone and bronze. His sculptures and paintings are constructed around themes relating to daily observations, memories and unusual encounters that have left a mark.

Ruminations is an exhibition that investigates day-to-day observations and experiences that fluctuate between the serious and the absurd.


143 – 147 Summerland Way
Kyogle NSW

Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 3pm

Sunday 10am – 2pm.